JavaScript2019. 8. 29. 20:30

Given two strings, write a method to decide if one is a permutation of the other.


var checkPermute = function(stringOne, stringTwo) {
  // if different lengths, return false
  if (stringOne.length !== stringTwo.length) {
    return false;
  // else sort and compare 
  // (doesnt matter how it's sorted, as long as it's sorted the same way)
  } else {
    var sortedStringOne = stringOne.split('').sort().join('');
    var sortedStringTwo = stringTwo.split('').sort().join('');
    return sortedStringOne === sortedStringTwo;

// Tests
console.log(checkPermute('aba', 'aab'), true);
console.log(checkPermute('aba', 'aaba'), false);
console.log(checkPermute('aba', 'aa'), false);

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